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John McCain accused Barack Obama of being an extreme liberal on spending, while Obama accused his rival of being President Bush’s protege, at their first presidential debate of the campaign. Both candidates accused each other of being fiscally reckless, as they tried to convince voters of their own ability to handle the current economic crisis confounding lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The debate, at the University of Mississippi, was intended to focus on foreign policy but moderator Jim Lehrer kept the candidates on the economy for the first 40 minutes. “Senator Obama has the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate. It’s hard to reach across the aisle from that far left,” McCain said, casting himself as the scourge of pork-barrel spenders and accusing Obama of heedlessly requesting nearly $1 billion in earmarks in his first Senate term. Obama accused his rival of wanting to follow “the policies of President Bush” by giving massive tax cuts to the wealthiest corporations. “You voted for almost all of (Bush’s) budgets,” Obama said. “To stand here after almost eight years and say your’e gonna lead on controlling spending … I think is just kind of hard to swallow.” In the opening moments of the debate, both candidates said they felt optimistic about the negotiations over financial bailout legislation on Capitol Hill. “We have to move swiftly, and we have to move wisely,” Obama said. “I’m feeling a little better tonight,” McCain said. “We are seeing for the first time in a long time, Republicans and Democrats together sitting down trying to work out a solution to this fiscal crisis that we’re in.” Asked directly whether he intends to vote for a rescue plan taking shape in Congress, McCain said, “I hope so.” “We haven’t seen the language yet,” Obama said. “I do think there is constructive work being done.”

Candidates Tackle Economy Video -
The slumping economy has become a leading issue in voters' minds and the candidates outline their plans to revive it. Dean Reynolds reports.
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PRI.ORG | 'Here and Now': Candidates Tackle the Economy
This week, Senators McCain, Obama and Clinton mapped out their plans to shore up the faltering economy.
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1st CD: NH candidates tackle questions on economy -
The way to ease the pain of high prices at the pump, the grocery store and winter heating contracts is to invest in renewable energy sources and expand oil drilling at home, most ...
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NH candidates tackle questions on economy ... CONCORD, N.H. (AP) _ The way to ease the pain of high prices at the ...
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Online NewsHour Update: Democratic Candidates Tackle Iraq, Economy in ...
September 4, 2003, 11:45pm EDT DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES TACKLE IRAQ, ECONOMY IN FIRST DEBATE. Eight of the nine Democratic candidates for president stood united Thursday night in ...
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Candidates Tackle Economy at First Presidential Debate
John McCain and Barack Obama, in the opening moments of their first presidential debate Friday, both said they felt optimistic about the negotiations over financial bailout legislation on Capitol Hill. “We have to move swiftly, and we have to move ...
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NewsDateTime: 9/26/2008

US elections 2008
... debate to be postponed until Congress broke its deadlock over measures to tackle ... the government’s proposed financial sector bail-out, distracting both candidates ... advance that the first debate would be focused on foreign policy but the economy ...
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Source: Financial Times
NewsDateTime: 1 hour ago

Candidates vow to fight global warming, poverty
Candidates vow to fight global warming, poverty ... John McCain and Barack Obama pledged yesterday to tackle global warming and to ... Over time, we must shift our entire energy economy toward a sustainable mix of new ...
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Source: Boston Globe
NewsDateTime: 12 hours ago

Lehrer: Debate Can Tackle Economy
Lehrer: Debate Can Tackle Economy ... have assiduously tried to avoid “taking sides” between the candidates ... Didn't Bush and McCain just tell us that our economy was sound a couple of weeks ...
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Source: The Washington
NewsDateTime: 10 hours ago

Candidates promise to put children first in 2009 session
Local legislators and candidates vowed Thursday to put children first during the 2009 ... But, they told a roomful of children's advocates, the suffering economy means they ... Forum participants agreed that more funding is needed to tackle the roots of the ...
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Source: Statesman Journal
NewsDateTime: 9 hours ago

The two rivals took the stage at the University of Mississippi after a week of wrangling over the rescue package, and a set of surprise maneuvers by McCain’s campaign. It was only late Friday morning that debate organizers found out for certain the prime-time match-up would be going forward. McCain on Wednesday called for the debate to be delayed until lawmakers took action on the financial rescue package, but in an announcement shortly before noon Friday said he would travel to Oxford. The political jockeying, both on the campaign trail and on Capitol Hill, coupled with ongoing financial turmoil, placed the economy at the forefront of a debate that was intended to focus squarely on foreign policy. But the debate was a chance for McCain to regain his footing, since foreign policy is considered his strong suit. The Republican presidential nominee took a political risk by suspending his campaign Wednesday to head to Washington to work on the legislation, and got bruised Thursday after Democrats and Obama’s campaign accused him of disrupting the delicate negotiations. But it was also a chance for Obama to add insult to injury, and needle McCain for his surprise decisions of the best two days. The high-stakes summit Thursday with President Bush, congressional leaders and both presidential candidates, ended on, by all accounts, a bad note. On Friday, though, senior lawmakers expressed optimistic they were getting back on track and moving toward an agreement.

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