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Obama predicted the crisis

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The first presidential debate of the US election campaign was suddenly back on track on Friday night as aides to Senator John McCain said he would head to Mississippi after all. The Arizona senator had ditched his schedule in mid-week, headed for Washington and called for the televised debate to be deferred until Congress reached a deal on the Bush administration’s financial bail-out plan. EDITOR’S CHOICE In depth: US campaign 2008 - Sep-16 Editorial comment: Politics as usual - Sep-25 Chrystia Freeland: Greed releases class war - Sep-24 Wrangling holds up US rescue - Sep-26 Full coverage: Global financial crisis - Sep-16 Palin cautious at UN gathering - Sep-24 Although negotiations continued on the bail-out, Mr McCain decided at the last minute to make time for the first face-to-face duel with Barack Obama. With the task of explaining Mr McCain’s apparent about-turn, the Republican candidate’s campaign said he would head directly back to Washington after the debate to continue working on the economic crisis. A statement said he was optimistic “that there has been significant progress toward a bipartisan agreement now that there is a framework for all parties to be represented in negotiations”. Mr Obama, the Democratic candidate, had insisted that allowing voters to know how each would run the country was too important to delay their first debate. “Keep in mind, either myself or John McCain are going to be in charge of this mess in four months,” he said during a television interview. Ahead of last night’s encounter at the University of Mississippi’s Oxford campus, both campaigns engaged in the usual pre-debate tactic of playing down expectations for their candidates. Obama officials said that, given his decades in the Senate, Mr McCain had “more experience debating than anyone who has ever run for president”. In reality, both candidates are considered competent but not outstanding debaters. Mr Obama is the better orator of the pair but, during the Democratic primaries, he often struggled to condense his sweeping rhetoric into the snappier sound bites required of the debate format. Mr McCain, in contrast, is a famously poor public speaker but does better in more spontaneous settings such as debates and town hall-style meetings. For many in Washington, suspense over last night’s debate was secondary to puzzling over Mr McCain’s role in negotiations over the proposed bail-out plan. As the hours ticked away, the odds had been heavily in favour of him turning up, rather than risk allowing his Democratic rival two hours of unchallenged airtime. The mere possibility that he might have stayed away ensured that Mr McCain was once again the centre of attention, though his decision to go ahead could yet be interpreted by voters as another about-turn by a candidate already under fire for showing uncertainty in the face of the mounting financial crisis.

The Associated Press: Clinton, Obama Seek Money in California
Clinton, Obama Seek Money in California. By JIM KUHNHENN – Apr 2, 2008 ... in her new ad, Clinton portrays McCain as unwilling to tackle the nation's housing crisis.
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GOP fears Obama's money machine - Jeanne Cummings -
Now it's the McCain campaign's turn to try to match Barack Obama's fundraising might. ... When the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 threatened to spread globally, George Soros was ...
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Obama goes for the jungular
Obama is seeking to blame the current crisis on the Bush Administration: I certainly don't fault Senator McCain for these problems, but I do fault the economic philosophy he ...
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Forecasting Models Predict Obama Win -- Political Wire
Political news, polls and buzz ... Forecasting Models Predict Obama Win "Economic models that have correctly predicted the winner of almost all post-war U.S. presidential elections ...
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Don’t just read the news, predict it! - Predictify
The Financial Crisis & The Election: The financial crisis and the proposed government ... 78% predict Obama will NOT alter his troop withdrawal plan before the election.
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Bush: Lawmakers must 'rise to the occasion' to seal deal
Barack Obama, D-Ill., far left, and congressional leaders in ... an agreement that people can understand on this bill," predicted Massachusetts Rep.
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Source: Houston Chronicle
NewsDateTime: 27 minutes ago

McCain, Obama debate question still uncertain
WASHINGTON - The question of whether U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama ... blasted the Republican for an "out of touch response to the economic crisis. ... He declared "our entire economy is in danger" and predicted "a long and painful ...
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Source: MSNBC
NewsDateTime: 9/26/2008

Bailout progress _ Frank sees accord by Sunday
I'm convinced that by Sunday we will have an agreement that people can understand on this bill," predicted Massachusetts Rep. ... The group around the table, congressional leaders as well as presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama, spurned ...
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Source: Times Union
NewsDateTime: 34 minutes ago

McCain, Obama meet with Bush on bailout
Bush had summoned Democrat Obama and Republican McCain to crisis talks at the White House with congressional leaders in hopes of hammering ... He declared "our entire economy is in danger" and predicted "a long and painful recession" unless Congress took ...
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Source: International Herald Tribune
NewsDateTime: 9/25/2008

Countrywide Financial Corp.
Barack Obama could possibly lose the presidential election is if American racists ... It's no wonder that this financial crisis is happening in our country. There's no ... the seven years that Kenneth Lewis has run Bank of America Corp., he has predicted ...
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Source: Chicago Tribune
NewsDateTime: 9/25/2008

Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate majority leader, referring to the deadlock over the bail-out, said yesterday: “The insertion of presidential politics has not been helpful.” He said Mr McCain had promised to reveal his stand on the issue. “But all he has done is stand in front of the cameras,” Mr Reid added. Mr McCain’s strategy this week, geared to underlining his claim to be a decisive leader in a time of national crisis, risks backfiring if voters accept the Democratic view that he was a spoiler in the bail-out negotiations.

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