Sunday, August 13, 2006

About Blogging 2007

Blogging hasn't changed much since around 2002. While its been widely accepted and every media person already has a blog (is that mainstream?), the tools have stayed pretty much the same. Blogger lowered the barriers to entry for blogging considerably but never invested in improving the overall blogging experience. They focused on building a very available hosting system. They succeeded at that but Spaces is winning in the overall blogging experience. Recently editing tools have improved considerably. That's different, that's a really exciting part of blogging today. Is like Blogging 2.0. Maybe you've heard of MS Office, used by 400 million people etc. etc., Well Word 2007 blogs. If that is not exciting enough today MS released Windows Live Writer, a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.

Easy blogging from Word is a big thing, since most folks can use Word and if you are creating a document, Word is probably better than anything you might find out there. The result is more folks will blog and the quality will be better. I have been using Word 2007 since the beta release date and I just installed Live Writer. I am impressed. I wonder how many people are blogging with Word. That's what this blog is about. Blogging with Word 2007, Live Writer and anything else that will do a better job than what has been around so far. In essence this blog is about Blogging 2.0, the new new blogging experiences.  I am currently using Live Writer so that will be the initial focus. Blogging with Word 2007 is also going to be really fun so I'll get to that too.

If you know of any other cool blogging editors that can keep up with Live Writer and Word in features and support for different blogging hosts leave me a comment.  Blogging is fun again.

I am also using w.bloggar for template edits (Live Writer don't like Blogger too much in the template department). w.bloggar is Marcelo L. L. Cabral's freeware blog-editing that held the fort while the majors tried to figure out if blogging was knowledge work.( w.bloggar seems to have vanished for now-, hope he can survive).  Its much harder for a small software project to compete on features with a big software machine like Microsoft, and now that MS is blogging and making blogging tools, I am not sure who will survive.


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